Ethical is the future, not the fringe.

These days, modern life means that we’re constantly ‘on’. Sometimes you don’t want to think, and shopping should be one of those moments.

Remedy Den cuts through the noise. We offer eco-friendly, ethical and organic clothing, accessories and body care – without the hard work.

All the good stuff you’ll find here is free from production by children, underpaid mums and dads and the chemicals that mess up our planet … and no animal was harmed in the process … to name a few of the issues we’re dealing with here …

Each item on this website has a story to tell you, and you play a huge part in the future of that story.

We seek designers with;
• Fair Trade and
• GOTS approved accreditations
• Eco-friendly dyes
• Closed loop recycling systems
• Organic and natural fabrics
• Environmentally-friendly practices.

 In the words of one great … “Fashion fades, only style remains the same” Coco Chanel